The Diamond Street App

The jewellery quarter of Hatton Garden is one of London’s most mysterious areas – home to diamond workshops, underground vaults, monastic dynasties, subterranean rivers and forgotten palaces. The Diamond Street App is your passport to this fascinating hidden world.

Using content from the book Diamond Street: the hidden world of Hatton Garden (Hamish Hamilton, 2012) along with specially developed rich media, soundscapes and interactive features, this app allows you to go on either a virtual (armchair version) or a real guided tour around the area.

Here you’ll meet sewer flushers, artists, goldsmiths, Hasidic diamond dealers, geologists and visionaries, as Rachel Lichtenstein (author of Diamond Street: The Hidden World of Hatton Garden) gathers a cast of local characters to help uncover the history, secrets and stories that bring this vibrant Clerkenwell street and its environs to life.


As users walk within the boundaries of the original Hatton Garden estate, GPS activated sounds, images, film and text emerge in relation to specific locations, giving readers a deeper and more immersive experience of both the book and the places described within.

Part new media experience, part walking tour, this location-based app  fuses text, documentary film, image and theatre with real-time interaction.

For more information on the research and development of the Diamond Street App, please check the blog for regular updates.


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